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But fishing, humanity’s last major source of food from the wild, has grown into a worldwide industry on which we have never been more dependent.  In this history of fishing—not as sport but as sustenance—I argue that fishing rivaled agriculture in its importance to civilization.  For thousands of years, sustainable fisheries provided enough food to allow cities, nations and empires to grow, but it did so with a different emphasis.  Where agriculture encouraged stability, fishing demanded travel, trade, and movement.  It required a constant search for new and better fishing grounds; its technologies, centered on boats, facilitated journeys of discovery; and fish themselves, when dried and salted, were the ideal food—lightweight, nutritious, and long-lasting—for traders, travelers and conquering armies. This is a unique, global history of fishing and fish farming, a subject that has never been explored before. We visit archaeological sites worldwide to show how fishing fed the development of cities, empires, and ultimately the modern world. Fishing with a look at some of the issues facing today’s fisherfolk and the international fish business at a time of crisis in the oceans, My book explores the historical background to today’s crisis and adds a unique perspective to the numerous books that explore the present and future of fishing.